We have a WINNER!

Yes, someone beat you to it..unless you are...

Thomas Jackson


Second Place: Ryan Dickey

Third Place: Greg Loschen

Honorable Mention: Cameron Roat


and last but not least, was a contestant who we were forced to disqualify..
as he lived in his new column in Issue 13
to learn more about his exciting adventures in Sin City...

Lee Asher

This is the letter he sent us with the answers for the contest....

Dear RFA,

I don’t live in Vegas anymore. So technically, I would be able to enter into
this contest you are having in this year's one issue of Channel One. I would
love to win this prize, and sell it on EBAY. I have to make back the money I
lost at dice while living in that hell hole called VEGAS!!

Anyway, I don’t want to enter into the contest. I do however, want to try
out my answers, and see if I am right.

Also, when you have a real winner (note: Tony isn't a real winner!), I will
give them a Free Catch 33. So the prize package just got devalued!!! Add
Asher, and there goes the perceived value!

Here are my answers:

pg6. Dunes Hotel (it was knocked down before I had a chance to be throw out
of it!)

pg13. Imperial Palace (once got so wasted there with some college pals, we
had to be 'escorted out' by the Imperial guard.)

pg16. The sign of the Hacienda. This was a tricky one. (I had them both
covered because I have been kicked out of the Hacienda, and also the Monte
Carlo! Thanks Lance...)

pg21. Glitter Gulch girl on Fremont Street (It's self-explanatory how I was
booted from this fine establishment.)

pg22. Smoking man on Fremont Street. He stopped exhaling smoking in the 80's
I think. (I always told him not to waste his lungs on that shit, there is no

pg25. Siegfried and Roy statue in front of the Mirage. (I was 86'ed for
introducing myself to Siegfried as Gabe Asher.)

pg27. Binion's Horseshoe (For some reason I was implicated in the Teddy
Binnon murder scandal. I had to cool off in France for some time...)

pg29. Belliago (I was caught plotting the heist of millions of dollars but
was caught in the middle of the scam; they had me removed and beaten like
George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven.)

pg31. New York New York (I took Vernon’s ashes on the Roller Coaster while
filming Hit the Road, and opened the cigar box on accident. As soon as the
ride stopped, security was there to help Vernon and me off - and out!)

pg36. Luxor (What can I say about this place that already hasn't been said
about Afghanistan!)

pg38. The Welcome to Vegas Sign (they showed me the other side of that sign
as I left to move to Oregon!)

How did I do?


Well Lee, the Smoking Guy is known as Vegas Vic and the woman on the Glitter Gulch is usually known as Vegas Vikki, but other than that..Bingo!

So if your name appears above...give us a hollar and we will mail out your ill gotten gains ASAP!


Here is Rosie's Notice in Issue 12!

Since Vegas is a gambling town, I figured it was only appropriate that we have a contest!

Through out this magazine there are small slices cut from pictures of Vegas landmarks. It is your job to tell me what landmarks those are. I will also post the pictures on our website in color.

The first person to name all the landmarks correctly gets a prize package. I can’t say what will be in it, but it should be interesting…

There is one catch for those of you who live in Vegas: You aren’t eligible. Sorry guys…However, my presence in your fair city should be enough reward for anyone…

Send answers to