The Miller Index

Finally, we've come out with an index that solves the issues you find with other indexes that are on the market

Size- Other indexes are typically WAY too large. Our is about the size of a poker size playing card

Ease of removal- If you have dry hands like I do it can be tricky to remove the indexed articles. Our index solves these issues.

Cost- Previous examples have sold for substantially higher amounts especially considering the quality and materials used.

I have used indexes for many years. I generally design specific purpose ones for my own use. This index is, I believe, something that many of you will find quite functional for your own purposes. It will come with several NON card trick routines.

It is made of really good leather. It is heavily stitched.

If you use a CLARITY BOX by David Regal or A MYSTERY BOX by John Kennedy or PAPERCLIPPED by Jay Sankey this will be a very useful tool.

To answer questions:

  • Yes it will work with Folded business cards, Billet, Folded paper currency, an many other small things.
  • It is NOT SELF WORKING. An Index requires practice to use properly. This one will reward that practice though.
  • It comes iwth instructional videos. If you are expecting a studio quality instructional videos, you will be disappointed... Sorry. I shoot the way I like. We are firm believers that the steak is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than the sizzle as far as the product goes.
  • It will NOT be available through major distributors. I have other projects in my pipeline so I will not be making these on a constant basis. Currently I have just under 90 sets available.

It will be sold in pairs. Cost $90 per pair.

Free shipping in the US - everyone else $10 Shipping!

The Miller Index