Real Man's Speed Loader

rmsl compartmentrmsl open
rmsl closed


Closed: 4.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall
Open: 8.5 inch wide by 3.5 inches tall

It was a dark and STORMY night! Ehhhh. Not really.

For a long time now a lot of you folx have asked (NOT SO NICELY at times) for me to combine two of my wallets in an unholy union!


Presenting the Real Mans Speed Loader!.

The everyman look of the Real Mans Wallet!
The PURE BLAZING SPEED of the Speed Loader!

It functions as a real wallet will hold USA or UK/Euro notes.

No need for a slide!

If you are at all familiar with EITHER of these wallets. THIS is a BEST of BOTH situation!.

I could list lots of nice features here. But quite simply it is the best and fastest wallet of its kind!

I don't do quotes but this has LOTS of really good ones. Call me and ask if yer curious!

It was a total sell out at the Genii Convention.

Get it while ya can.

You KNOW ya want it!

Only $125.00 in the US - everyone else add $10 for shipping!