The Triple Threat Wallet


The name says it all! It is indeed a TRIPLE threat! Card to wallet is a classic effect. But all the messy palming and stuff… I don’t know… And sometimes I perform for more than one person… And sometimes I like to do some mentalism effects that will just FRY people… So I guess I better get my special pants… NO, not THOSE special pants… Well NO MORE! That’s right! We bring you FREEDOM! One wallet to rule them all!!!

The Triple Threat will Enable you to have one or two SIGNED selected cards go to DIFFERENT SEALED parts of the wallet… WITH NO PALMING!

Mentalism did ya say? How about a peek wallet you can show on all sides but still see 90% of the surface of what you are peeking? How about being able to load your predictions into sealed compartments of your wallet?

Construction? Is it TOP quality leather you ask? Why sure Son. This is a wallet you would be proud to call your home… If you were VERY thin and only say six inches tall. But it IS a top quality wallet.

Can I use it for my everyday wallet? Sure! We don’t make no “prop” wallets… This has credit card slots and places for paper money…

But I might be from Europe! Will MY hard earned cash fit in it? Don’t worry Ian, or Sean or Boris… We is READY for you! The TRIPLE THREAT WALLET holds both USA and EURO currency with equal ease!

But wise one, I don’t wear a jacket. Surely a wallet with all these abilities must be HUGE… Isn’t it? NO faithfull one! It is only 3.125 inches x 3.625 inches closed and fits in your front pocket with ease! It is well and truly a simple billfold full of MAGIC!

The reviews by everyone who has seen it have been excellent! Comes complete with full instructions.

The Triple Threat Wallet now includes a homebrew instructional DVD with each purchase. They were not shot in a studio or professionally made. But you might find it funny - and who knows? Maybe you'll learn something too!


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