Express Delivery

Card to envelope! A classic effect!

But it generally requires a heavily gaffed wallet, is a pain to
set up and a trip to the bathroom to reset.

No longer!

Now a card is selected and you reach into your pocket and
remove a envelope. Hand the envelope to a spectator.

He opens the envelope and inside is the signed card.


And the reset is done in a few seconds also!

And it loads credit cards, billets, folded paper money all easy!
And it comes with instructions on how to
make your own self sealing envelopes or order inexpensive refills from us!

What more can you want?!!!

Express Delivery Includes ten (10) self sealing envelopes

$70.00 includes shipping for Domestic Orders

$85.00 includes shipping for International Orders

Express Delivery

Refill Envelopes

While we show you how to make your own self sealing envelopes, we also supply heavy duty,top quality paper envelopesin a wide variety of colors that are already self sealing.

Super easy to use, soo convenient
and nicely priced in bundles of 50 envelopes!


Red, White, Black, Gold, Buff

Your choice in bundles of 50

$20.00 includes shipping for Domestic order

$30.00 includes shipping for International orders

If you are ordering from the EU or the UK,
please contact MindFX as they will be stocking these envelopes as well.