Mobius - swelled by his own achievements -
has grown to enormous size!

Now he is called BIG MOBI by his friends and feared by his enemies

He can now hold a silver dollar sized Okito box!

In fact, rumor has is that Big Mobi can hold the Original Mobius inside and do nested coin, bill, card and ring effects...

Anything that fits inside the Original Mobius can be loaded inside the nested Mobius set (Mobi?) immediately. So no wasted time!

A brilliant idea from Curtis Kam suggested that you keep your Mobius restrained with a chain!
We now offer a chain option with all of our Mobi!


There have been MANY coin wallets over the years.  MANY.
Most were quite happy as Victorian relics.
Others were essentially cheap bits of tat that did nothing but hold coins. 


At last comes the coin wallet to RULE THEM ALL!


You can almost hear the dramatic Wagnerian music as the name is spoken!


A coin wallet that does more than limply hold a coin.

THIS coin wallet...NO... This COIN WALLET holds coins.
It HOLDS OUT coins.
It SWITCHES coins.
It allows you to STEAL coins from the wallet.
 It does all this, but it also does this with rings,
folded cards, billets and MORE!

And a lining to prevent tarnishing those Oh so valuable coins!

BUT WAIT... There is MORE! 

NO there can't be more!

But there is!

It also acts as a CHOP CUP! Or a cone and ball device!
It will also hold a half dollar size okito box!

Ideas and routines by some brilliant people with more on the way!

So don't be the guy on the outside looking in. Be the guy with the cool tools!


Free Shipping in the US. Everyone else pays $10.00.

The Original Mobius Coin Wallet


The Big Mobi Coin Wallet


Mixed Mobis - One of Each!


Chained Mobis