The Modifier

The Card to wallet, has been one of magic's classics. And deservedly so. Performed close up or from the largest stage, it has always been closer of an effect. But the cost of those wallets! And they are generally never a wallet that you would have in real life. But NO MORE!

Imagine being able to buy a billfold from K-MART or WALMART or a designer store... And with almost no effort, turn it into a BEAUTIFUL card to wallet! Now imagine being able to transfer this function to other wallets at your whim! Imagine no longer!

The Modifier is here!

The Modifier will convert most billfold and breast pocket wallets into fully functional magical tools!

The Modifier has been tested by a group of seasoned pros and we have included ideas and routines from them. So, I present for your entertainment pleasure... The Modifier !!!

The Modifiernow includes a homebrew instructional DVD with each purchase. They were not shot in a studio or professionally made. But you might find it funny - and who knows? Maybe you'll learn something too!

If you had previous purchasedThe Modifier, and would like to receive a copy of the instructional DVD, it can be purchased for $5.00 each using the link below

Only $70.00 US

Free Shipping in the US. Everyone else pays $10.00.


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Love it!! Works like a charm. And its perfect for the bar and walk around.
J.C. Wagner

The Modifier is the latest gizmo from “Wallet Guru” Tony Miller. This thing is hot. It turns your wallet into a secret weapon designed to stun your audience. Card to wallet is so much stronger when you’re using your own wallet. Lock. Load, Knock ‘em dead
Mike Powers

"Once again Tony has come up with a winner with the Hip Pocket Modifier. It's priced perfectly for the working magician. For an additional $10.00 I bought a new wallet at Target and still saved enough money to buy the next big thing! " Jeff Pierce

"What a clever idea. Tony Miller's "whatever it's called/modifier" is an excellent utility that allows you to customize the wallet of your choice, turning it into a Kaps/Balducci-style wallet. First-class thinking and a quality prop!"
Andrew Wimhurst

I think it's great. Works like a charm. Just need a new wallet, since my old one is sort of falling apart ;).And I only mentioned it to a friend of mine and he wanted to buy it before he even saw it. I think you're really on to something. When is it going to retail? Or better yet: When can he order his?
Fabian Hoffman

"No. It can't increase your bank account or make you prettier, but it will make your average run of the mill wallet the best Card to Wallet you've ever seen. Highly recommended for the today's modern magician."
J. Aaron DeLong

The Modifier is excellent and I think unique. Never seen anything like it.
Peter Duffie

Tony has come up with a really clever, well-made gimmick that goes into a hip-pocket wallet and turns it into a classic utility device. The quality of the leather is like a high-end men's wallet, and it's got a lot of little design touches that make it a worker.
Jeff Haas

 And many many more!