Quotes about MoFo

Tony's rising card is a big part of my stand-up act! I'm not happy that he is releasing this. Those who get MOFO will have a lot of fun messing with the "boys" on this one. - Jason Dean


Got it! love it! works as advertised! thanks Tony - afknight


I have had this for a few weeks now and must say that it is VERY clever. I love it when creators of magic think "outside the box". This will certainly fool magicians...but I wanted to test the waters on laymen so I used this the other night during a strolling gig...and the reactions were GREAT...it looks like real magic. - fishermagic


I have just received mine...its great!

A very simple gimmick that moves in and out of play very simply..leaving the spectator without a clue as to how the effect happened as they can examine everything.

Highly recommended - Mark Parker

I got mine about a week ago and I've been playing with it quite a bit since then.

Making the card rise from inside a plastic bag is really fun to do for other magicians because you can borrow the deck, do the rise and hand everything back out. Laymen gasp when the card rises but magicians gasp when you hand the deck out for examination immediately afterward. Fortunately, both can be accomplished with this little gimmick. - David Nelson