The Real Steal!

A device for stealing a card that has been replaced in the deck by a spectator. The deck can be fanned and spread like a regular deck. There is NO deck switch needed. But a version using the deck switch is included for those who prefer that. We don’t know why. But hey… If you are familiar with the Extractor, (a fine device in its own right) Then you may appreciate what the Real Steal can do. I am releasing this because I have used this for a lot of people and they have pretty much all asked me to do so. So here it is…

Points to remember:

  1. The deck can be fanned and spread like a regular deck.
  2. No Deck Switch it required. NONE.
  3. It is VERY robust. If you sit on the gaff or bend it a little, it wont break. If the case gets damaged… You can make a new one in less than 5 minutes.
  4. The steal is extremely fast and easy to do.
  5. We can make one custom for you from a deck of your choice. Simply mail the deck to us and and allow an extra week for delivery. If you want a custom deck made - simply contact us! Put "Custom Real Steal" in the subject line. There will be no extra charge for now. We have made decks with Alphabet cards and old maid decks as well as with some of the more esoteric decks available out there.

Simply mail the deck in question to us along with a Paypal payment of $35.00.

Here is a demo of the Real Steal in action. Remember… NO deck switch and no camera cuts.

Here is what some people who have actually used it think:

 It's definitely better than the Extractor. The freedom of handling the deck and the card selection process as well as the fairness in having the spectator return the card anywhere into a fanned deck makes this a better approach for this type of effect.  In addition, the removal of the card is absolute simplicity! - Alton Knight

Tony has come up with a different approach to the 'Extractor' concept that is less expensive, can be adapted to any deck and won't break if you forget it's in your pocket and sit on it.  And Curtis Kam came up with a no-switch idea which makes it more practical for strolling magic.  The one thing about the Extractor's original handling is that you take it from where ever during the trick and it ends up in your inside jacket pocket.  Then you need to reset by shifting a couple of decks around. Not impossible to deal with, but not ideal either when you're standing around in a room of people. - Jeff Haas

Tony Miller has done it again!  The Real Steal is the Real Deal!  This, my friends, is pure gold!!" - Mark Williams

There are a lot of others… But in all honesty, quotes don’t really mean a lot unless it is from people who have actually used it. And even then, your mileage may differ. But The Real Steal does everything I said above.  I myself love using it for magicians who have used the Extractor.  It will fool them because of the freedom in handling and the lack of a deck switch. That it will fool laymen goes without saying.

Currently it comes with Red or Blue Bicycle decks. Choose yer favorite.



Postage paid in the USA
International Orders add $5.00 for shipping

The Real Steal