The Trimmer


Card Trimmers.

Since the invention of playing cards there has been someone who wanted to alter the pasteboards to give them an advantage.(WHAT! say it aint so!) There have been a wide variety of cutters over the years - Most with technology dating from the 1890's.These cutters range from side mounted scissor blades to guillotine/lever blades and even naked razor blades.(ACK!)  Which is fine if you are working on a movie about turn of the century card cheats.

Current designs have many issues
  • Dulling- even the sharpest blade dulls with repeated use unless sharpened
  • Speed - Most can't handle more than 1 card at a time.
  • Size limitations -Inability to handle anything other than standard size cards.
  • Safety - Being downright dangerous.(Did I mention naked razor blades already?? Oh yeah...)

But other than those few limitations, the old designs are the best -Right?

We disagree - let's move things into the 21st century folks!

We think we have solved ALL these issues. We took one of the best precision rotary trimmers in the printing industry and with the aid of a modern precision metal working company created a simple attachment that allows true precision stripper cuts to decks from bridge size to jumbo to tarot size and all things in between. And it also will make precision svengalli decks and paper pads!

It is safe! It's Self Sharpening! It is quick! Does multiple cards at a time! It is very easy to use! And it DOESN'T cost thousands of dollars!

To be clear - you only get the parts pictured above from us - the cutter and corner rounder you buy on your own!

What you get from us

1) Two gates that fit the Rototrim Professional Trimmer

The gates are crafted from heavy guage stainless steel for a  lifetime of use. The A gate is for a very fine brief - the B gate cuts a brief that is 3 times as thick but still much much finer than the brief you will find on commericially produced stripper decks.

2) Video instructions that allow you to learn how to cut strippers to your specifications.

The cost for this system is $250.00 for those in the United States and $275.00 to people who live everywhere else.


What you need to buy for yourself

1) A Rototrim Professional M series Trimmer

This trimmer is hard core - Rosie used one for 20 years at her job in the printing industry and its made for the long haul. The shelf sharpening blade is made from Sheffield Steel. It has dual rail guides that prevent the head from shifting. And best of all it will shave the tinest sliver of material off a playing card without any effort.

We recommend either the 12 inch or 15 inch model

Click the link below to order one from Amazon

Rotatrim RC RCM12 12-Inch Cut Rotatrim Professional-12 Cutter

Rotatrim RC RCM15 15-Inch Cut Professional Paper Cutter/ Trimmer

2) Sunstar Kadomaru Pro, Corner Cutter

Tony was talking to Bob Farmer of the Bob Farmer Research association and Bob happened to mention that this was the best corner rounder he had found. And we have to agree! It comes with a 3mm, 5mm and a 7mm corner rounder in one unit. We've been rounding a lot of corners lately and it has worked every time!

Click the link below to order one from Amazon

Sunstar Kadomaru Pro, Corner Cutter (S4765036)