The Search Engine



Index! A word that breeds either fear or confusion in the average magician.

Not a lot of work has been done on indexes to help people actually use them. Until NOW!

Presenting The Search Engine!

The BEST indexes that you will ever use!

Till now there were 3 main problems with indexes.

1- Size The typical index is HUGE compared to the pocket space a typical performer has available.
NOT NOW. How about and index that is actually small enough to fit in your pocket?

2- Speed of use Ace, two, three, four, five, six, Oh what did you say? Oh damn I lost my place! Now I have to start over.Well NOT NOW!

3- Reset Well, time to go to the bathroom to reset the index. But wait! Now you can QUICKLY RESET BLINDLY in your pocket!

Basically it is the best index I have ever used and the professionals who are using it now agree with me.

It is entirely hand made by me. It WORKS all the time.

Here are a couple of people who actually PURCHASED it and what they had to say.

"Time and time again Tony has pushed passed what is good enough, Consistently bringing the world of magic tools of quality and excellence.Tony's indexing system is so efficient and clever, after one night of using it it got me out of a tough situation. With some thought this is going to be a devastating tool." Garrett Thomas

"Got it today! I'm keeping it. It's fantastic! You'll have to drive up here and rip it from my hands if you want it back." Jack Carpenter

It will be sold in pairs. Cost $150 per pair.

Free shipping in the US - everyone else $10 Shipping!