How could it be better than the original Speed Loader you ask?
Yes I heard you.
Well, it is better looking!

This happens as you get older! It is faster due to EXTENSIVE design reworking. And it has even MORE abilities!
It will enable a great version of either Dream Card OR Anniversary Waltz with MINIMAL work on your part!

AND DID WE MENTION that it also does a hell of a card to wallet?
If not… Then it does a hell of a card to wallet!

Take a look at the demo vids and ask yourself…
"Do I want to be the UNcool kid in class?" Hell NO!




Here is what others had to say… But then what do OTHERS know?

"OK OK How much $$$ must I send for you to send me one of those! REALLY not kidding... I want one!" - Jim McGowan

"Another Killer wallet from TM! Well Done!" - Eric Myers

"Very nice! I STILL don't know how it works." - Cameron Francis

“This thing is so easy to use, I’m amazed it wasn't marketed by Tenyo to laypeople. Most Tenyo products aren't as easy to use as this.” - Geoff Williams

It goes on and on… But this is just SOOOOOO cool!

I love this wallet! And I designed it! So I would know!

So what are you waiting for…

Like all of my designs, it won’t be around forever.

Special Introductory Price of $75.00 shipped in CONUS

Everyone Else (you know who you are!)- add $10 for shipping!

Speed Loader Plus