We are now out of back issues.

Eventually we hope to have Issue 16 done and to the printers.

If you bought a subscription, you are good to go.

If you haven't bought a subscription,
all issues from here on out can be purchased individually.

We'll let you know...

Also! We have set an end date for the magazine...
Once we reach Issue 21 we are kicking it out of the house.
It is all grown up and can get drunk on it's own.
Then we can concentrate on our own drinking for a change.


There have been some questions...

Mainly...what is Channel One?

Let's see, it's not edible unless you are desperate..
It's not an online magazine...It's actually printed on paper!
Yes! We killed trees just for you!

It has material from all over the world
by the famous, infamous and unknown alike.
Check out our past issues for more information..

It's been going on for four years now and it ain 't stopping yet!
A subscription consists of four issues.
They can be upcoming issues, or past issues (if available).
Issues come out when they come out.
Don't be a nag...When we get enough good material, we go to press.
If we have enough bad material, we change the name to Magic.