The Challenge: Do something AMAZING ...magic boy!

The Solution: Whip MoFo on them!

A card is FREELY selected from this borrowed deck. The card is returned. (Signed if you want (the deck is borrowed, remember?), no card controls required (great if your drunk), and the deck is sealed by the spectator in a zip-lock type bag!

Now in full light, the selected card rises from the deck. That’s it. That’s enough. Give the cards and the deck and the bag out for examination if ya want..

  • No threads
  • No wires
  • No magnets

Each gimmick is hand made. (There is a gimmick? My GOD! If it is not REAL MAGIC, I do not want it!)

We are not selling this at other stores etc.


MOFO now includes a homebrew instructional DVD with each purchase. They were not shot in a studio or professionally made. But you might find it funny - and who knows? Maybe you'll learn something too!

If you had previous purchased MOFO, and would like to receive a copy of the instructional DVD, it can be purchased for $5.00 each using the link below.


$40.00 US
Postage paid in the USA.
Add $5.00 for foreign orders. (Sorry all you furriners.)


"MO FO is amazing! It makes a classic easy as pie to do!” - Richard Kaufmann

“I watched Tony demo his new rising card, MOFO, at least five times. I had no clue. The deck is sealed in a plastic baggy when the card rises! Nothing is moving except the card. Tony finally tipped the method. The word “diabolical” comes to mind. So do the words, “buy it.”- Mike Powers

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Questions Answered!

Ok... I have answered so many of these questions in SOOOOOO any private messages... So I figured I would answer most of them all at once...


How high does the card actually rise in the bag?

To the very top of the bag.

Is the gimmick easy to slip in and out of play when performing the effect?

Very easy... Takes a second either on or off...

Does the gimmick require any special type of clothing?

Well, to be honest, you SHOULD wear clothes when performing MoFo. It distracts from the purity of the effect otherwise...But to be honest, it does not matter what clothes you wear....

Does the gimmick come in both red and blue bicycle backs?

Yes! In fact it will work with ANY back color, Bicycle or not!

What if the gimmick breaks?

If the gimmick breaks you are freak with superhuman strength! Therefore I will cheerfully replace your gimmick! But if you lose it, too bad! Mwuhahahaha!

Does it require a special Bag?

Yes! The bag must be see through and zip lockable! Fortunately, the effect is packaged in a perfect bag!

Will chicks dig me if I do this?

Do they dig you now? If not, then the answer is no... BUT they will go "he is a goober, but he does a WICKED rising card!"