So You Think You Have What We Want???

Radio Free Atlantis Productions is interested in making Channel One something a little different from your average quarterly. We are not just looking for close-up...but parlor,mentalism,psychic entertainment...what ever strikes a note with our readers. Also we are looking for fresh perspectives on the actual art of performing...If you think you have something we might like to publish we have a few guidelines to make things go smoothly:

  1. Submissions may be made via e-mail: or snail mail: PO Box 477, Powell,OH 43065 USA. If you would like snail mail submission returned, please include a SASE.

  2. We can accept submissions in the following formats: MS Word, MS Works, Adobe PDF or any .txt file. Along with your article, please submit a photograph and short bio. Those who fail to do so..take what they get. We will draw from our seemingly endless supply of bios and pics to put you before the reading public.

  3. Including illustrationsin your article is not a problem. Please mark where they are required and include the photos. We are, however, the final arbiters of the artwork in the magazine .

  4. RFA Productions reserves the right to choose what is published in Channel One. If you have any questions or comments concerning submissions, please to contact us. We will attempt to answer you promptly.